11 After suns to moisturize and soothe your skin

If, during the summer the skin is exposed to the action of sunlight it is logical that we bring you extra to moisturize and soothe any inconvenience this may cause. Assuming that we also use a sunscreen with an average high protection or, of course. But now we are talking about after sun. Do you know which one to buy? As there is a wide variety for all tastes and budgets sure there is one that suits you.

For lovers of light and soft thanks to Avene thermal water textures, as it has soothing and desensitizing properties. Both are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (ie not clog the pores of the skin when applied in a face oily skin, for example) without parabens (preservatives common doubtful ‘innocence’). The first is a fluid milk that helps prolong the tan on face and body. The second calm instantly with a cooling effect instantly.

Avene After Sun Repair and Avène After Sun Care Lotion. US $ 25 and 40.

Some women want to extend the summer tan beyond the holidays. If this is also your insurance if you appreciate a body moisturizer with a light self-tanning capacity (2%). So this French cream that cools and calms at the same time, with 21% of active ingredients such as aloe vera (5%) and grape seed oil (10%).

Academie Calming After Sun Body Lotion. US $ 48

If you are one of those girls who are worried about pimples because they have oily skin, this after sun is for you. Does not cause pimples because it has no oils, is suitable for the face and body and moisturizes while repairs thanks to the action of aloe vera that takes in its formula.

Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm With Aloe. US $ 25 approx

An effective proposal to reduce irritation caused by exposure to the sun (although much more effective is to prevent using a high protection factor and renew often do not you think?). Thanks to its soothing and moisturizing extracts, shortens recovery time of the skin.

A tip: Some women also use this cream after waxing to minimize redness.

After Sun Repair dermatologica. US $ 32

The essential oils of thyme, cypress, rosemary, geranium and lavender – with its pleasant aromas- mixed with cucumber, lime and hypericum in its formulation. It also provides vitamin A and provitamin B5 to the epidermis, which facilitates the formation of new tissue and skin regeneration. It prevents scaly skin, both the face and body.

Yonka Lait Apres Soleil US $ 33.75

This formula came to the market with the intention to restore optimum hydration levels of the skin, its natural shine and help prevent aging. Its formula includes ingredients such as shea butter (emollient and antioxidant), menthol (for a cooling effect), orange (vitamin C antioxidant), apple, jasmine, pollen, corn germ oil … Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Soins Soleil Celluguard Sothys Soothing After Sun Body Care. US $ 42

Want to show off your skin with an attractive pearl veil sublimate your tan capable of? When applying Crème Oligo-Thermale Nacrèe on body skin an attractive play of light and brightness arises, without neglecting its high rehydrating power and its ability to prolong the tan. And as exposure to sea water, wind and sun causes dryness, tightness, roughness and lack of elasticity, Biotherm has resorted to pure thermal plankton and vitamin B5 to regenerate, soothe and protect the immune system of the skin.

Biotherm After Sun Oligo-Thermale Nacrèe Crème. US $ 31

The fans of the biologically controlled and fleeing genetically modified products has in Lavera one of their favorite brands and this gel an after sun perfect. The skin protects and regenerates thanks to plant extracts (100% pure) of sunflower seeds, coconut, soy, aloe vera, calendula and shea butter. Its action is maintained 24 h. They do not include dyes or petroleum.

Lavera Sun Sensitiv After Sun Gel. US $ 27

Here we have a product that is not for everyone, only for those with skin that needs nutrition plus more than moisturizing. Its texture makes it suitable oil for dry skin but not to down fats wanting a revitalizing effect. And that gets this oil with a 100% vegetable extracts including coffee is (when green is a powerful remodeler) and green tea (antioxidant).

A tip: This may be a good product for you if you live in a humid and tropical but not in a warm, dry area.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kona Coffee After Sun Lotion. US $ 10

The design of the container and the valve diffuser is a perfect after sun to reach inaccessible areas. Relieves burning and redness immediately avoiding peeling and moisturizing the skin.

After Sun Isdin Spray. US $ 14 approx

This oil comforts skin exposed to the sun thanks to a rich formula based hazelnut oil, essential oil of chamomile flower, tangerine and grapefruit. But also it illuminates the warm summer evenings with a subtle golden glow after beach and perfumed with a soft fruity fragrance.

A tip: Apply also on the tips of your hair.

Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil. US $ 50 approx

But besides skin who deals with the hair? If you like your hair and want to keep it nice you should also give an extra contribution if you have been exposed to the sun, sea salt, sand, chlorine pool … So Pantene proposes a protocol of 4 steps to hydrate and repair. It is about bringing the action of a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask and a serum. Do not forget to moisturize your hair in depth also.

Patene Expert Hydra Intensify Collection. various prices