10 perfumes classic and modern man

After making a selection of 15 female perfume comes the turn to them, male. So you can choose what is better off your boyfriend or husband and you also enjoy with its exquisite aromas. All have great quality.

Now Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein. If you like adventure, this may be your scent. A different and original masculine scent. Start with a few notes of ginger, coconut nectar and star anise to those that follow the notes of cedar, patchouli and starfruit.

One of the fragrances that the Italian designer has created with the intention to translate their haute couture collections in unique perfumes. A sophisticated and provocative aroma lel highlighting a chord spicy and woodsy amber. After opening step peach, tonka bean toast, soft leather, vanilla bean, the benjulĂ­, patchouli … click here.

CH Carolina Herrera Men PrivĂ© is a smoky and sumptuous fragrance with warm undertones. Expert noses can distinguish notes of whiskey, leather, fresh citrus, icy lavender, cardamom, sage, thyme, tonka bean red … All in an elegant black pouch with gold accents. Very chic. Buy it at Amazon.

A perfume that can share the two partners because it is unisex. A gum-resin called labdanum is the starting point, an intriguing, oriental fragrance. It follows the opulent sandalwood and vetiver notes, giving it a woodsy and deep touch. frankincense, pink pepper, hints of plum … Mysterious and a little extravagant are also present. Buy it at Amazon.

Jimmy Choo Man is a lively, fresh and powerful aroma. A woody and aromatic fern is complemented with relaxing lavender, tangerine and dulzaura vibrant Chinese melon. But there’s more vibrant flavors within the bottle coo pineapple leaf and geranium. Finally, it appears the heady patchouli. Buy it at Amazon.

The French brand Montblanc is synonymous with luxury and classical taste. This new masculine fragrance is an explosion of sage and cardamom mixed with grapefruit, violet leaves and cinnamon leaves. Outside, a powerful package in black and white. More information.

Polo Ralph Lauren Network is a curious mixture of red saffron, red grapefruit and red wood. For lovers of intense experiences both in flavor and inspiration is born from the passion for cars and speed. Timid should refrain. Buy it at Amazon.

This new masculine fragrance is designed for a modern and passionate man who likes intense experiences. Composed of citrus, herbs, spices like lavender and cardamom, jasmine, chamomile, cedar, sandalwood and vetiver. An energizing dance for the senses. A bold and brave perfume. Buy it at Amazon.

A sensuous masculine blend with some notes of grapefruit, lemon and Bigarade; a heart of mint, sage, nutmeg and geranium and a background of patchouli, moss, amber and vetiver. Fit young minds, dreamers and sports. More information.

In a beautiful opaque case a magnetic fragrance hides, between modernity and tradition. In his aura bergamot, myrtle, gianduja cream, black leather, cedar … A sophisticated tailored to the determined men and stylish expression breathe. More information.