10 hairstyles for your Prom

The holiday season of Junior and Senior Prom is just around the corner. And if you are close to graduation, surely you’re already thinking about what you will use suit and shoes for the evening. But remember, that a super dress, elegant and glamorous, can lose its impact if you bring your unkempt hair.

And it is that all, on more than one occasion, we have witnessed an important event without proper dress up. Then we complain and do not want to look at the pictures of that day. However, your Prom party will be once in life. This is a special event that requires you to spend time. You should look for the best stylist you know, that he knows what favors your hair but also your face and figure. It is the professional who have enough patience to review various magazines and books of hairstyles you, until you find the look you like. I recommend that in addition to browse different styles, you practice you choose, so you’re sure it’ll look perfect hairstyle for the occasion.

Help your stylist to find the best look for you. Then I’ll share some of the hairstyles that are in this season

Braids and more braids

Did you see Olivia Wilde in her way down the red carpet during the last edition of the Oscars? She wore a very cool to wear a hairstyle that combined a reclusive, but finished with a braid at the nape. Plus it took an additional braid simulating a headband.

Another style, very nice, is to bring the hair is in a medium bow, and that is gripped by a delicate braiding. This, while the rest of the hair is worn with soft waves, without much structure. ‘

Loose, with a parting in the middle

It is also common, and very delicate, loose hair look, with soft waves. That style used it Lady Gaga, also during the most recent Academy Awards.

Lady Gaga her hair over her shoulders, but you can also have long hair, and the longer, more delicate style.

I blanched

This is a classic style that requires attitude and a lot of security. It is ideal for girls who have a delicate face, since you can look hairstyle allow your features.

Gathered with structure and some height

This arrangement hair is a good option if you want to look taller. Jennifer Lopez is loving this style. More than one occasion has attended elegant parties and galas wearing a blanching collecting her hair in a hair on the crown structure.

Middle bow (Half up bun)

┬┐Torn between loose or wear her hair up? For the middle bun bun or half up can be your choice.

Accessories for your hair

Today there are so many beautiful hair accessories grab that will be difficult to choose just one. Since the combs adorned with stones, until the diadems with delicate beads or Swarovski crystals. You can pick some of the hair and put up in the back with a nice accessory, or grab one side with a comb with style.

Classic ponytail

A simple ponytail at the level of the neck elegant looks good. Combine it with a long screens, but delicate. It is a hairstyle with attitude, yet let your face shine and be the center of attention. It is also ideal if you have a nice, long and slender neck.

Hair pulled back to the nape (BUN)

Similar to the collected type horsetail, this style defies the standards of elegance over time. It looks good nice if you accompany it with delicate accessories such as with a diamond stud or a small beads.

hair pulled to one side

Give volume to your hair combing it with tongs or using rollers to add movement. Then comb the hair and groups, some of this, on one side. This look is youthful and serves to highlight a nice neck.

Dare to play with different styles in these months prior to your Junior or Senior Prom. Take pictures and compare what hairstyle you favors. Remember also practice your makeup to make sure it matches perfectly with the hairstyle.