10 Golden Rules to shine pretty feet

Do you look at the type of other women to see them on the beach or narrow jeans? Do you also compare the appearance of your skin with yours or your tan? E Even you look at your feet? And sometimes you envy the look they get other women with its elegant high-heeled sandals or simply with her bare feet and sexy on the beach? Well, without you fall in comparison-you’re pretty fastidious as you are-this ‘game’ can serve motivation to know how you like your figure saw, your skin or your feet.

At this point, the important thing is the next step, which we invite you to give now: put in place a plan Express to guarantee you a divine foot in just half an hour.

1. Start with a salt water bath, let’s try not you prepare a home spa but you start giving your feet a warm bath with sea salt thick, to soften the skin and nails. If you also have swollen and / or very tired, activates blood circulation foot bath alternating hot and cold water, then the notice lighter. With 10 minutes will suffice. Get clear.

2. Cut nails; Using a nail clipper, leave them square and straight, without cutting corners to avoid annoying ingrown toenails. Questions about how long should have? There is a simple rule: leave them at the same height as the fingertips, without protruding or some or other. Smooths the edges and peaks with the help of a file, moving only in one direction.

3. Without nail polish, removes the remains of enamel with a specific product, if possible without acetone Do you know why?

4. Farewell to the rough edges, especially in summer and dry out the feet sweat more, so it’s easy to look rough. Removes calluses with a pumice stone or foot file special. Review the pad beneath your fingers, the outer lateral ‘big toe’ heels … Take your time.

One option: pedicure file Dr. Sholl, US $ 17

5. Keep cuticles in place; If the cuticles of your nails stand, you push them with an orange stick but not the courts. A few years ago they became fashionable a few gimmicks (which looked like a potato peeler but in mini format) that cut the cuticles, but today we know that it is better not to use them because they run unnecessary risks. Simply remove them from view.

6. Apply an exfoliating cream, that even if the rest of the skin on your feet feel smooth and refreshed apply a scrub cream, both on the instep and back. Help her to act in a circular motion and then clear your well with water. So both the remains of scrub as they were half pielecitas detached from the action of the file will be deleted. Dry off well, insisting through his fingers because that’s where the fungus may appear uncomfortable.

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stronger one: Scrub feet with calluses Neutrogena. US $ 17

7. Action instant stress; If you’re feeling especially tired or stressed we suggest you employ 5 minutes to do something special, different, you can introduce into your routine care whenever you need to stop the activity of your mind and reconnect with your body. I taught an Argentine therapist, a specialist in a novel therapy called Diafreo (Have you heard of it? This is a method that seeks a balance between body and mind through stretching muscles that are shortened by stress ).

Have on hand a tennis ball or similar (also serves a Chinese ball). Stand up and sideways next to a wall, resting his right hand and putting the ball under his right foot. Begins to walk with the ball the entire surface of your foot from toe to heel. Do it slowly, putting more pressure where more discomfort or fatigue feel. Perceive the pressure difference from one area to another and try that no space is not left without cover. Then switch sides, hand and foot. It is a simple but enormously relaxing massage. Since I discovered I have not stopped practicing.

8. moisturizes, hydrates and moisturizes, now your feet are ready to receive the effect of a good moisturizer. As a general rule will have to be unctuous and rich in oils. Apply it both on the back and on the instep, making upward circular movements to help you continue to relax the area.

Two options: Ami Bodybutter Iyok moisturizes and nourishes dry skin thanks to aloe vera, shea butter and olive oil.

If you have not been able to go a few days holiday at the beach and you think your instep looks pale, you can use a self-tanning cream. Apply it carefully, because the feet are one of the most difficult areas to use. Of course, you should avoid the floor of the skin and also the heel and be careful to distribute well, without accumulating between your fingers. It employs at least one minute to work with each foot. As I imagine you’ll have nice legs waxed and perhaps the show, it would be logical that also will apply some self-tanner on them so that the result will look more natural.

9. It is time to embellish your nails;! And now is the funniest moment. Are you going to paint your nails a unique color? Maybe a green, blue or yellow, so fashionable this summer? Or are you going to dare any special originality? This summer, the creativity of the ideas to decorate your feet nail knows no bounds.

In my article ‘easy and Original Manicure’ I tell all the secrets of a perfect and simple manicure. Many of them can also be used to paint the toenails.

10. Oriental beauty a daring night; You know that Indian women decorate the palms and backs of the hands and feet with a vegetable dye called henna? Lay the dough into a plastic bag which cut off the tip and are making drawings with this homemade manga with great skill. With practice become real specialists! I would encourage you?

A proposal: A booklet on the designs of ‘Mehndi’ Traditional, US $ 4.71