Laser tattoo removal. Frequent questions

Technological advances have improved the effectiveness of dermatologic laser, making it somewhat effective in removing permanent tattoos. Even the prices have changed significantly. What once supposed to spend many sessions and money to remove, now almost can talk about is a fairly affordable to erase a tattoo that you suffer every time you look option. I’ll tell you some things you should know about the laser that is sure to solve some doubts.

How tattoos removed?

I try to explain easily and do not use very technical terms.

Tattoos can be removed through the laser photomechanical effect, which acts on the pigment particles that are in the color of the tattoo. It breaks them into smaller ones. When you have spent a little over a month the cells will cleansing the skin and removing those pigment particles.

For tattoo removal different wavelengths are combined according to the color of the tattoo pigment.

How many sessions are necessary to remove a tattoo?

To know exactly the sessions you need your tattoo is best to consult the clinic or tattoo studio. There are many studies that are authorized and trained to use laser equipment. In general, I can tell you that depend on the amount of ink colors used, the type of tattoo you have. Even the type of tattoo you what you have done. Generally, 4 sessions are needed for a tattoo done by a beginner, it usually does not delve too deeply into the layers of the skin. For a tattoo done by a professional should be employed from 6 to 10 sessions.

What colors are the most difficult to remove?

Red, green, orange and yellow colors are the most difficult to remove. And contrary it seems, is easier to remove the black ink.

How much are the sessions?

Thanks to the latest technology it has been possible to remove tattoos with very competitive prices. The final cost of the treatment will depend on the final number of sessions and the type of tattoo you have and how it has been done. Specialized dermatology clinics usually offer promotions, including tattoo studios. Not much, if you want to remove a tattoo, be aware and get a good deal.

You should also consider if you’re going to cover the treated area with a new tattoo, it is not necessary to completely remove the ink. It is sufficient to reduce the tattoo and to make a cover up. The results are great and precisarás not spend a lot of money.

How long are the sessions to remove tattoos?

It depends on the size of the tattoo, but not usually exceed 30 minutes. You will survive the experience, you’ll see.

Does it hurt to remove a tattoo?

Before starting to remove the tattoo, the expert will apply an anesthetic with some cream that reduces the sensation of pain. That feeling is like you give little taps with a rubber band or hose. After all it depends how big the tattoo and the depth of the tattoo and the amount of ink held. But do not worry, not usually very painful and it becomes bearable.

Does removal laser marking?

As with any laser treatment it is common after the session redness and swelling, which usually disappears within 24 to 48 hours may occur. Basic recommendations for healing is satisfactory are as follows

• Apply antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ointment for at least 3 days.

• Do not expose yourself to the sun to avoid skin hyperpigmentation.

• Do not go to saunas. Heat is bad for the healing of any injury because bacteria can build up and cause infections.

• Do not perform very strenuous exercise that increase sweating while it is healing.

• Follow to the letter the instructions of the expert. This prevents that it is some kind of mark on the treated area.

10 lipsticks party

In a makeup party or for an appointment, lips have to be the focus of the look. They put all the power of color. They can be intense shades such as gold, red or silver or soft and silky, like the nude or pink but what are the Matice that make today? How should we combine them? Who favors? Here are 10 proposals and all the answers.

You want to look some really different lips? Do you dare with a sophisticated and vibrant tone? This gloss silver Ka’oir ensures that your lips will be the most talked about party. A high pigmentation hiding in a flattering tone for women with dark hair and especially dressed in black. Buy it at Amazon.

This gloss is much more than a golden glow because thanks to its micro-spheres ultra brilliant crystal creates a mirror effect. As the gloss are often carried with casual style clothing like this are rompedores tones with elegant black dresses. Besides its formula it includes hyaluronic acid moisturizes and cares for the lips (lip of the XXI century have to protect your lips, do not settle for less).

They say that the founder of this brand, Poppy King, with only 6 years was amazed to discover lipsticks and only 18 think their first lipstick. Since it is inspired by the film and fashion to give life to original colors and textures. An example? This -arandano- slightly bluish glow that will not go unnoticed in the face of blondes and redheads (chestnut brunettes and looking better choice).

The bluish red grapes is one of the tones of the season. Warm and cold at the same time. Perfect to wear neutral colors like white, black or gray. Pop Clinique formula lasts 8 hours and also provides a conditioning base that hydrates and nourishes the skin. Leave a velvety finish. It is ideal for women with a smooth brown bob tone. Buy it at Amazon.

Fantasy has no limits on the lip of the season and has understood their proposals NYX color. Dan space to neon and pastel colors but this original black tone is king dare. You combine it with what you combine surprising result but we recommend that you each a gentle eye makeup in silver or gold. Pigmented matte and long lasting. Buy it at Amazon.

wet, bright, with vibrant and bright reflections lips. It was so mouth after passing this luxurious gloss applicator. The bronze nude is perfect for pale skin or roses (which sometimes get even red), combined with any style eye makeup and favors both fine and full lips. With jojoba oil and aloe vera. Buy it at Amazon.

The color that never goes out of fashion, sexy and feminine could not miss this selection. On this occasion I recommend a carmine red color approaching geraniums to combine it with the same red dress. especially favors women skin and dark hair or fur off as the contrast energizes the image (if you are white with freckles is your color). Banned for those shy girls who want to go unnoticed.

Gold takes centuries to attract women of all cultures who wear it from their necks to their ankles. If you feel an ultra-feminine woman who enjoys luxury and symbols will like your kisses have the sensuality of this rich golden metal. Although this gloss is designed for younger is a fad that can also steal their older sisters or even their mothers for a golden makeup.

Pink lipstick always has its diehard fans. And it is that Latinas are left especially well. So for them we bring you this option (although not the most successful of the moment color). An intense pink tending to bluish purple. Do not combine with very up eyes, better just eyeliner and a mask (to protect your eyelashes). Buy it at Amazon.

Do you know someone who would not favor red lips? I do not. It is true that thin lips are thinner colorfully but not excessive or inadequate. Red fire superpigmentante Julep has a color and original mousse texture with matte finish. Its antioxidant formula gets minimize fine lines of the lips, so it is suitable for a rejuvenating makeup.

Meaning of tattoos Deer and Carneros

Sailors tattoos, pin ups and animals are my passion. I recently had the tattoo of an owl in the right shin, and after forgetting some of the pain of the session (every day I have more tattoos and increasingly sessions the stand less. But stand as a Jabata in body parts for me are more sensitive: the feet and thighs).

My next tattoo be a deer. I love that animal and I’ve seen a lot of symbolism not only in the literature (A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter), but also in film. It appears as something powerful and noble, and designs that can be achieved are excellent.

Besides the beauty of the deer it is as powerful as the elegance of his movements and speed to escape danger from predators.

Besides Hart, today I will show you the meaning of the ram, another widely used design and a deep symbolism.

Tattoo Symbolism deer

Deer tattoos are represent good fortune, passion and virtue.

In many places it is associated to Naciente. To the east the sun rises and brings light and life cycle. symbolizing the East, so it is also a symbol of dawn, besides light, purity, renewal, creation (in music and poetry) spirituality.

In China, if you also add to the design of deer antler is abundant symbol of prosperity.

For Native Americans deer he symbolized the tree of life, sunlight, longevity and rebirth. It also represents a zodiacal sign for those born between May 21 and June 20.

What is not in doubt is that a tattoo of this animal can adapt with Celtic, Chinese or symbols of nature itself. The deer has spiritual energy and many tattoos is staged as a god beam of light and the most important part of which the details that emerge complete.

Here in this link, you have deer tattoo designs for inspiration.

Tattoo Symbolism Carnero

Many gods of antiquity resorted to animal identification. Egypt used in many protective symbols. The ram was considered sacred and represented the creation, the power of the sun, strength, and fire protection. The Egyptian Sun God, Osiris, is represented sometimes with two ram’s horns.

The ram with the “Golden Fleece” (fleece or sheepskin Crisomallo winged ram, in Greek mythology) was an animal owned by the God Hermes, who was sacrificed in honor of the god Zeus.

In Indian mythology, as in China a deer with huge antlers, the ram is the God of Wealth.

The horns of the ram will not stop growing, so they tend to roll between them. That leads to the symbolism of the gift of creativity and imagination.

In the Old Testament, the ram is represented as an important emblem of surrender and sacrifice. He became a Christian symbol that later became the opposite. Many tattoos made with sheep awaken the impression of sin and decadence. In many metal bands, both components as the covers of his work or video clips resort at the head of a ram so transgressive and anarchic.

In Persian mythology, the god of war and victory could manifest as ten different animals. The ram was one of those animals chosen. The Celts also had a god wearing a symbol with a ram’s head which was coiled a snake.

Visit the gallery of tattoos rams this link.

When laugh at the “Bad Hair” your children

Part Two: The psychologist Mercedes Rodriguez explains how to treat children when they are victims of bullying or harassment by other children, especially when they mock them for the type of hair you have or physical.

What can parents do when they learn that their daughter has received taunts related to type of hair you have?

If she refers a situation of harassment or bullying, should parents and mothers take the complaint seriously, act ethically supporting and protecting-at any moment to the child; should not be minimized, should visit the school and talk with teachers / or directors; and take all affirmative measures necessary to cease the abusive behavior that the person who commits it has a reprimand or disciplinary action proportionate to the act (or acts), to understand and learn the seriousness of the matter and that this (with full knowledge of their parents) agrees to make efforts repairers damage.

We as adults must stop using expressions bad hair and an example to the children, where do you start, when all life (in our country) have referred to bad hair curly or afro hair?

It begins when the mother and father are aware. Unfortunately where ignorance persists not start because it continues. That is the traditional way this perpetuates discrimination and others – from generation to generation. Therefore it is recommended that the school play a more active role in promoting human rights and gender equity, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.etc … The school should guide parents / mothers and the educational community. The State shall promote, through legislation and practices of equity, and eliminating all kinds of prejudice and discrimination. Parents and conscious mothers practice equity from homes and are very jealous with the protection of human rights of children; do not make jokes, sexist or racist or homophobic nature expose their children to readings, films, activities recreational and cultural activities that raise awareness about these issues, and at home take every opportunity they have for their children feel loved and appreciated by people who are -for their good qualities, their bodies and their characteristics. Boys and girls of African descent learn at home to feel happy -orgullosos / as- with their bodies, with their hair and their lives. That’s one way to honor their history, their families, their struggles and traditions of African descent. They learn that they do not have to change anything about their bodies or their hair to feel beautiful and beautiful because they grow and love their people and positively identify with what they are.

Definitely bad hair does not exist, there are bad prejudices that degrade human beings. At this time we support education for equity to leave behind the discrimination and violence based on gender, ethnicity, national origin, social status, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Meaning of tattoos pumas and panthers

Panther symbols in tattoos and history

The panther is strongly independent and cunning. It is the only big cat that hunts routinely in the water.

Mysticism and magic are the characteristics attributed to the black panther. Suggests the night, the moon, the darkness and the energies that emerge from the depths.

In art and legend, a beautiful and courageous woman is depicted as a black panther.

In ancient cultures seemed very significant Panthers (also called jaguars) they had two phases of color: yellow and black, and then transformed only in black color.

They believed that the yellow phase of the panther showed when exposed to sun and attributed to heaven. Black Panther phase, on the contrary, attributed it to the moon and the night sky. It was a symbol of shamans. Many thought that the panther was a shapeshifter, able to transform at will.

Totem Panther as

For those who take this animal as their spiritual guide it means having a great responsibility. It is a powerful animal totem and a symbol of nobility and authority of royal families.

For human civilization, the panther has been considered a very intelligent and aggressive animal. The Greek god Dionysus panther chose as his favorite horse and his priests wore leopard skins.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead says that heaven is opened to the late king wearing the panther skin. The use of a panther skin meant he was ready to enter the higher realms. leopards, jaguars, zebras: Many people pieces of your skin representing animal skins were tattooed. They want to indicate that dwells within the soul of the animal chosen, also, inadvertently and unknowingly what the Book of the Dead.

In Greek mythology, the black panther symbolizes the liberation of repressed impulses, to break down barriers and inhibitions.

In China, the panther or black cat reigned in the North, with water as its element.

In Thai tattoos are often tattooed twin Panthers as a symbol of protection.

In heraldry, the angry panther, which is represented with a tongue of fire, symbolized rage and remorse. This is a design very represented in tattoos, which will further add daggers.

do not stop to visit the gallery of tattoo designs pumas and panthers.

Caring tattoos on hands to heal properly

The tattoos on the hands and the fingers are being conducted in high demand by tattoo lovers. I’ll tell you my personal experience and give you the necessary advice, if you decide to get one cure in the best way possible.

I’ve stopped counting how many tattoos I bear in my body, but I always remember what were the ones I hurt or worse healed. This last month I have two hands tattooed me, something I’ve been thinking for a long time and could not find time for it.

I chose designs are a rose and a cat. I first rose tattooed on her left hand and the truth is that the pain was very bearable despite knowing that part of the body just has a lot of bone and skin and veins.

The really difficult thing was healing. That night my hand swelled so much that I could hardly sleep. They had to spend at least four days for the swelling to go down and I would not notice these beats every time he moved his hand or fingers to type anything pains.

I knew that this used to happen and decided to have his right hand first because it is the most use, since I’m right handed. In addition I have very bad luck with tattoos I have done in fingers and wrists, my tattooist must return to repasarme so bad that heal me. These are areas that are used and move too often and are more prone to infection or poor healing.

Now I have my two tattooed hands and I’ll show you the picture of my right hand. The left will have to return to repasármelo again and will draw a picture when you’re able.

As I spent so bad, and do not want anyone to go through that experience I’ll give you some tips on how to care for tattoos on the hands.

– Unless you do not work and do not have to do any homework (which very few can afford) do not armadillos both hands on the same day. The tension felt during the healing it is remarkable, and healing is slowed due to friction, contact with water or simply the fact tighten his fist.

-Avoid Put night cream do you tattoo in that area. Wash the tattoo with mild soap and warm water. Then pat dry with paper towels, tapping. Avoid cloth towels.

The day after the tattoo rewashed your hand carefully. Take the skin is less taut and with open pores to apply yourself Bepanthol a layer of cream. It is lovely and absorbs quickly, I always advise by the great moisturizing and regenerating power it has. Spread it very well and do not let gobs. Repeats healing at noon and before going to bed and during the first 4 days. Little by little you will noticing how it unwinds the skin surface without causing injury resulting from deep scabs.

-Ask Help you in tasks that would have to be in contact with water at least during the first 3 days. This prevents bacteria from nesting in your new tattoo.

No tapes tattoos with bandages, because that implies a greater likelihood of infection and food for bacteria. Tattooing is better than cure and only plug it into the air when infected and as directed by your tattoo artist or doctor.

It’s normal to have feelings of tightness and even the skin look stiff when you move your hands. Do not worry. Fingers will also suffer a slight swelling.

Remember that before getting a tattoo in these areas is difficult to hide, so if you have any pending job interview make sure not influence the decision of who hire you. Read this article on Employment and Tattoos. Issues to consider.

5 Jewels of books on tattoos

Books with tattoo designs are especially useful for anyone who wants to start as a tattooist, and they inspire when creating your own sketch. They are also useful for collectors of tattoo flash or all lovers of ink, as some of these books contain limited editions of well-known and important artists tattooists.

Te dejo 5 interesentísimos titles that you can find for sale on the website of Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, Amazon or web Killer Ink Tattoo. They are real gems binded you can have in your personal library.

Editor Review

This amazing book is a photographic journey across the globe, from Borneo to Belgium, Argentina to Athens, New York to New Zealand.

No other publication has curated the work of many esteemed international tattooists working in black ink and gathered into one volume.

The book is divided into the following chapters: neotribal, Dotwork, Art Brut, Traditional Revival and Thai / Buddhist.

Editor Review

Mothers have always been a popular topic in the world of tattoo. And the first tattoo a young man is very often associated with this topic, but for the mess you’ll have to save when you return home with him.

This is the first volume in a series of publications dealing with the major issues of tattoo art. They have a selection of images showing the art and history of tattoos electrical West who are elected personally Schiffmacher collection.

These collectible high quality publications are produced on topics that can be admired, to inspire and educate and be a source of ideas and tattoo designs.

Editor Review

This picture book “La Catrina & Sugar Skulls” not only offers artistic inspirations and references of the female skeletons, but also provides cultural awareness and illustrates how Mexico is celebrated on the day of the dead.

Editor Review

Tattoos good luck normally carry those who need it: people who never call it winning. Dice, billiard balls number 8, four-leaf clovers, playing cards, horseshoes …

We all use these symbols to appeal to the forces of luck, and if you do not help us, can at least say, “who does not play, does not win.”

This is the second volume in a series of publications that address the most important issues of tattoo art.

Editor Review

Kalinga Tattoo is a photographic masterpiece that explores the art of Kalinga Tribal in the remote mountains of northern Philippines.

It is the first book to tell the story of this incredible rich tradition of indigenous body art that is believed to have over a thousand years old.

You will find a rare treasure tattoo motifs, variations and interpretations that can reveal new perspectives for tattooists concerned.

The meaning of tattoos of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the celebrities who has declared to be lovers of tattoos. The actor who played Jack Sparrow in the saga of Disney Pirates of the Caribbean, carries a large number of designs by the body and they all have a story hidden behind the ink.

Although his sentence about tattoos is: My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story, Depp has had to change a design of your body for repentance.

But what is certain is that the most important of his life is immortalized on your skin and represents one of the most characteristic features of their physical and personality.

These are the most outstanding designs that are in your body.

The head of a Native American Indian on his right arm is supposedly the first tattoo was the actor and his story comes from her great-grandmother belonged to a Cherokee tribe. Hence his American Indian origins.

In his right forearm you can be seen a sailor in gray and black which is nothing more and nothing less than a portrait of his grandfather when he served for the US Navy during World War II.

On his left arm, Depp wears a tattoo portrait of his mother, besides this also has a heart with the name Betty and surrounded by a tribal lines in tribute to his mother.

About Betty tattoo on his left shoulder, you can see an inverted red and black triangle.

the meaning of this tattoo is unknown, but some rumors suggest that symbolizes femininity of his life. A mystery that accentuates the androgynous character who has played on many occasions and as he knows no one to represent.

Design, it must be said, has become a horrible blur of black color over time.

The words tattooed leads, Silent, Exile, Cunning on his arm. Silence, Exile and silence is a passage from the book Portrait of a teen artist, writer James Joyce.

His love for Winona Ryder was also represented by a tattoo: Winona Forever. But there are loves that last less than a tattoo.

As has happened with many celebrities who have had to resort to the laser when they have broken with their partners, Depp chose a cover and changed the name of Winona Ryder by Wino Forever.

You can also see three hearts entwined, representing the name of which was at that time his wife and their two children.

The tattoo was in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean when he played the most famous pirate Jack Sparrow film, became part of his repertoire which added the name of his son Jack and a bird flying.

Near the heart also it has tattooed the name of his first daughter Lily-Rose.

In his left hand shows the tattoo number 3, in one of his fingers. The Depp himself said that this tattoo had two stories. One was that he liked for its symbolism. Three is a magic number, creative, triangle, trinity, two people create a third … But on another occasion said it was the result of a boring day with a good friend.

Celebrity … no one understands them …

In the index finger of the right hand has three black stripes rectangle shaped according Jonnhy have the same meaning as number 3.

These are the meanings of tattoos Jonhhy Depp, but surely the long list will be extended shortly. And it is evident, the acclaimed actor loves art form represent the most important of his life.

Group of women suffer from baldness claim after using shampoo WEN

The last days of 2015 have not looked good for the brand WEN by Chaz product Dean, after a group of women sued the company for damages to their scalps. And according to several newspaper reports in the United States, 200 women banded together to file a lawsuit against this company. And according to allege, after using the products for a certain time, they noticed how negative changes occurred in their manes. The damage mentioned in the application range from hair loss, itching and ronchitas, irritation to the scalp.

But beyond the people who are part of the class action, other women have been felt dissatisfaction with this product through social networks, claiming that their hair has become thinner after constant use of Wen, while others claim who they have lost hair to the extreme of having bald patches in some areas of your scalp. But like all products, as there are customers dissatisfied with the results, there are also many who live happy with the result of the product in his hair.

So far, representatives of Wen by Chaz Dean only been limited to say that there is no scientific evidence that the use of shampoo so popular and revolutionary five one can cause hair loss. The shampoo has one of the most popular and seen in recent years infomercials became famous as the first product free of chemicals that manages to make five functions in one: for it is shampoo, regular conditioner, deep conditioner (mask type or treatment intensive), cream conditioner detangle and leave hair (best known in English as leave- in conditioner).

And not only clean the hair “natural” way, but guarantees a free hair frriz, so goodbye to manage hair concern in tropical climates or high humidity. And it was precisely its natural content that revolutionized the world of shampoo, creating a product free of sulfates and help keep natural hair oils.

For years I have not used this shampoo, to be more specific, I tried about five years ago when the infomercial shampoo became the most watched American television. At that time I reviewed explain point by point where the function and results of five one shampoo my hair.

I remember that at first glance I felt my hair more manageable and soft, but I did not like that even though the product had cleaned my hair, it did not smell like regular smells a freshly washed hair. Rather the smell emanating ere bad hair washing or rinsing wrong.

And given that I liked the smoothness with which left my hair, but to the displeasure of the “smell not so good”, decided to try and combine it with other products. So I used a regular shampoo and WEN as “conditioner”. In my case I worked even though it was not a good recommendation to mix several shampoos. As soon as the first content WEN is over, I decided not to use it, because I like to try new products all the time.

In short, the product is highly recommended for those with the battered, dry and dull hair, but the decision whether it is worthwhile or not use it you have it. Remember that every hair is totally different and responds differently to each product.

Eye Makeup Ideas

Whether you opt for this makeup for a party or to impress your friends at Halloween, this idea becomes one of the most original. Of course, you need creativity and confidence in yourself to achieve impressive results without having to hide from others.

The funny thing is you can make it as extravagant or simple as you like. Using colorful shades and high pigment (similar to picture) manage a different, youthful look and, if you like, cool.

Our advice: looking at art shops pebbles of different shades, sizes and textures and help yourself with tweezers eyebrow and eyelash glue. Yes, do not forget that patience is key here!

Recommendations: Dior Grand Bal Fantasy Eyelashes Gold Crystals, sequins, semi-precious stones, thick feathers or glitter.

A delicate idea that helps to play with color without fear of mistakes. You must choose a tone that is the focal point let us say that the “soul” of this makeup. As in the image, you can choose to hojitas “gold” or other textures, eyeliners in bright colors or shades paper.

To do this, keep the minimum outlined in, ie, a thin line on the upper or lower eyelid. Freeing the inner corner of both eyes because that is where will the second color.

Our advice: metallic shades work for both day and night. Those neon shades give life to any party look while textures are an unexpected touch in any situation. Remember that you determine how wordy or smoked want it.

Recommendations: Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner Trio, Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad Emerald Lust and Laura Mercier Liquid Eyeliner in Gold Thread.

More: tips for eyeliner quickly.

Very popular on the catwalks of Fashion Week. Double outlined is just that-two strokes, despite not join, frame your eyes and give a bold and different air.

A dramatic style by far considered but very simple to achieve. Takes into account the steps to make a “cat’s eye” in the upper eyelid and continues to delineate the bottom up, not touching the line you did first.

Our advice: Again, you decide how delicate or strong can become. It is better if you opt for liquid eyeliner or gel / cream waterproof and apply a prebase for eyes-this is super important to prevent smearing makeup and not appreciated either. Finally, Say goodbye to the shadows! With such artistic look you will not need more colors or soft.

Recommendations: Nars Cosmetics Eyeliner Stylo, MAC Cosmetics Fluidline and New York Color Liquid Eyeliner.

We could not leave out a classic and simple look. Although it seems that there is no drop shadow or mascara, this idea is so versatile that serves to enhance a natural makeup or to complement a strong lipstick.

The key here is to focus on eyelashes and give points of light to the inner corners, in order to wake up the look. Opt for clear or neutral shades, curl your lashes with mascara and ends above and below.

Our advice: looking pestañinas with slight formulas. Remember that you need to define each lash without clumping. It is natural to clone -nothing Kim Kardashian. And yes, you need shade to match the skin of your eyelids and get that “shine”. Otherwise, it will look as if you did not have time for makeup.

Recommendations: Pixi Beauty Quartette Shade Shades of Nude, Karl for Armani and Shu Beauty Eyelash Curler Eyes to Kill.

Some women wonder what is the correct way to use shadows and although there is a basic guide to disguise your eyes, there are no specific rules. However, a classic look is and will remain the gradient.

What is that? Easy: make up your eyes with two or three shades, from lightest to darkest. If you do it right, your eyes get that play of light and depth as desired by makeup artists.

Our advice: if you are a beginner, do not wear makeup with more than three shades at a time and try to keep coordination in the colors you choose. Always define the outer corners in the form of “V” for a sophisticated finish. Your motto? Less is more! Do not take the shadows to the brow bone if you have no idea what you do.

Recommendations: any Trio or quartet shadows that come and coordinated.